Treat Yourself Well


Treat Yourself Well

I backed out of my driveway the other day in my son’s car. His mirrors aren’t adjusted the way I have them set in my car. I was only moving his car into the street so I could get my own car out, so I didn’t bother adjusting the mirrors. HOWEVER, I usually use the mirrors to back up. So I backed right into the car that was parked across the street.

Boy did I beat myself up. I ran in the house to leave my neighbor a note telling her I hit her car. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about how stupid it was and how much it could cost.

If someone else had done the same thing, I would have hugged her. I would have told her that it wasn’t a bad scratch and that it was just a bad moment in a mostly lovely day. So why don’t we treat ourselves as well as we’d treat someone else? Hey, you’re the most important person in your life.

Instead of beating yourself up, have a drink. Soothe yourself. Be kind to yourself. Sleep through the night because it was just a bad moment in a mostly lovely day.

My neighbor called me to say she was able to get the red paint easily off her fender and it wasn’t really dented. And I took my son’s car to the auto body shop and in two days it was back to new. Next time I’m having a drink and forgiving myself. After all, they call them ACCIDENTS, not stupid moves.

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