It’s all about the next move

glasschess 1Laurel Bernstein, Executive Coaching is a learning and development firm that provides opportunities for small business owners and executives in larger organizations. Our specialties and expertise are in the following areas:

Change Management – Helping business owners and leaders keep up to date on the changing trends in the marketplace and in organizations focusing on expansion, retooling organizations for efficiency and productivity and streamlining operations.

Compensation Development – Guiding small business owners to use staff effectively and align their compensation packages to their revenue goals.

Business Analysis – Looking deeply into the business model of an organization or small business to uncover cost and time savings and efficiencies.

Business Process Management – Deep analysis of operations to ensure that all processes are useful for ensuring revenue goals

Leadership Development – Helping leaders and business owners to do their jobs better and bring in more revenue

Staff Design and Training – Creation of the best possible staff structure for achieving the business goals