The Art and the POWER of Listening


The Art and the POWER of Listening

I know you know a lot of stuff. And I also know you want to talk about it because you want to share it, since it’s such good stuff. You might even be the one who does that stuff best. But most people want to be KNOWN. They don’t want to hear your stuff until they tell you who they are and what they need. They’re hoping that once you KNOW them, you’ll only tell them about the stuff that pertains just to them. Nothing is more impressive than a really good listener.

Don’t you love it when someone gives you their full attention? If someone is listening deeply, you feel their total engagement. You feel known.

So when you meet someone for the first time, or the second or even the fifth, LISTEN to them. Give them your FULL attention. There’s no telling what you might hear for the very first time. Focus on THEM and you’ll win their respect and their appreciation. They’re so tired of hearing about others and really just wanted to have you know them better.

Do it. You’ll be amazed at how much you might gain by listening.

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