Smile and Say Hello


Smile and Say Hello

One of my favorite very funny, but very sad scenes in A Thousand Clowns is when the lead character in the film, played by Jason Robards, says “I’m Sorry” on the corner of 51st and Lexington Ave. In response, people say things to him. Something had happened to all of them for which they felt somebody should apologize. It was fabulous! He had tapped into some vast reservoir. He just said, “I’m sorry,” and they were all so generous, so kind, each of them verbalizing forgiveness.

In business, people do not want to be ignored. We walk past people in the aisle of the supermarket and divert our eyes. I’ve been in retail environments and realize as I go to my car, that even when I checked out, the cashier didn’t make eye contact. But everything changed for me both in the world and in my business. All I had to do was say “hello.” In the workplace and in the marketplace, customer service is more than KING. It’s one of the top issues mentioned as to why someone spends their money in a particular place. Think Zappos. They profess to be the BEST customer service in the world. Work with them once and you get it. You’ll want to buy a new pair of shoes every time you get an offer from them even when you don’t need shoes. Why? Because they treat you well. They say “hello.” They acknowledge you. And internally, their team is completely engaged with each other. It’s one of the best workplaces.

So instead of apologizing to everyone who thinks the world owes them an apology, just recognize them. Take care of them. Don’t ignore them. Just say “hello.” And be sure to smile and mean it.

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