Proof that We Learn from Our Mistakes


Proof that We Learn from Our Mistakes

When I went out to walk Optimus, the dog this morning, I saw that my front passenger car window had been smashed. Stuff was missing from inside my car. My plan was to call the police and then the insurance company. My son came to support me while the police took the information. I was standing there ruing how my whole day was loused up. I’d have to rent a car. Get my car to a place to get it fixed, etc.

Back in the day, when my son went from being a child to becoming a teenager, I entered that period that all parents with teenagers know about. According to him, I knew nothing. Fortunately in his 20’s, he became aware again that I knew a lot. Well this morning he simply knew exactly who to call next. Not the insurance company. He posited that I could get the window fixed for under $300. My deductible is $500 so nothing would be covered and by reporting the break-in my insurance could go up. He even knew the name of the best place to call to get them to COME TO THE HOUSE and get it all vacuumed and done.

He was right! How did he know that? The same thing happened to him. The police at the time had told him how to handle it. He learned from experience and shared it with me. I’m completely calm. And there it is! Proof that you can learn from experience.

So in the world of business or the workplace, having something go wrong is also an opportunity. It’s an experience you can learn from and ensure that it never happens that way again. Don’t think of your mistakes or issues as failures. You could be thinking about them as learning opportunities.

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