It’s All About Choice


It’s All About Choice

When was the last time something happened to you that you didn’t expect? A time when your whole world was shattered. A time when something came out of the blue and totally disrupted your equilibrium.

There are two different perspectives about how those things unfold and how they’re perceived and handled. Some people feel things keep happening TO them. Out of control. Others seem to press the Easy Button and solve, change, handle what’s thrown their way. It’s all about choice. Now I’m not real big on inspiration. I prefer to provide information instead. And here it comes – wait for it. It’s really about what you choose to do.

You can worry. You can lose sleep. You can talk about it. Obsess about it. Discuss it. Be angry about it. And meanwhile your entire present life is a mess. Everything is impacted. You lose your focus. You lose your intelligence. You lose your ability to comprehend things. And your functioning deteriorates.

OR, you can simple handle it. Maybe it’s a medical diagnosis. Or a financial commitment gone wrong. Or maybe you lost a big account or a long-time customer or a long-time friend.

You have the choice. You can either worry or move forward. Move forward with energy, thoughtfulness, drive and intention. Even if you’re only able to sustain the strength to make the call, send the email, get the appointment scheduled, you’re one step further to getting it fixed or done or accomplished.

It’s always your choice about how you react. You’re allowed to freak out for a few minutes – or even a few hours or days. But the sooner you make the choice to use the best of yourself to handle it, the sooner it will stop interfering with your daily life.

Make the choice.

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