People around me listen to what I say and then they repeat it as if it’s a good thought. THEN, they say “but..” For example, I know I should be more assertive with my staff, BUT. Oh my goodness, they just negated what they first said with that powerful BUT. That coat is very reasonably priced, BUT. I guess that means they’re not going to get it. That woman is always late for my meeting, BUT… I guess that means she’s always going to be late because you’re not going to do anything to stop her.

I hear this all the time. That huge big BUT canceling everything you just said.

Why do we say it? It’s certainly not the best case scenario. Maybe if we changed the BUT to AND, we’d get to the goal sooner. Or maybe we’ll deal with what we’re not doing. Maybe by changing the BUT to AND, we’ll exude a more positive attitude and get on a roll to get it done.

Hey, let’s monitor our BUTs and get things done. You can do it.

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