Blue Sky


Blue Sky

When we say that we’re thinking Blue Sky, we mean one of those perfect days of the year. Not a cloud in the sky. Perfect Temperature. No Humidity. Just a hint of a breeze. Or however you define that day, you might like it hotter than I do. We can describe that day in detail, color, texture.

If I asked you to describe your Blue Sky company, or job, or career, could you do the same? Escape from realism, but not into fantasy. How much would you earn? What impact do you want to have? What role would be perfect? What would make you happy to get up every single day to go to work? I’ve seen people sit down to write their Blue Sky career and make the decision to finally retire. Or quit a meaningless job. Or change a career. Or even start a business of their own.

What’s on your Blue Sky list? Are you enjoying your career? After all, you are engaged in it most of your waking hours. Wouldn’t it be worth it to figure out which things on your Blue Sky list are missing? Perhaps if you sat down and wrote your list, you could find ways to add some of the things you really wish you could have in your daily life. Remember, success is not a wish. It’s a plan. And you can plan to enjoy your business or career.

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