What You Think and What You Say


What You Think and What You Say

So many of think we know ourselves so well that we’re sure we know how the business world marketplace and workplace perceive us. We have logical thoughts and plans and ideas, and we think that we’re presenting them so that others know them and know us. Then we go out there and talk about what we think. We explain, we profess, and we give our outlooks, opinions and thoughts. We’re sure as we leave the building that everyone got us. That we know what they’re thinking. That they heard us and understood us and have a very specific perception of us.

Well guess what. It’s never about what we think and what we say. It’s about what we DO. Our behaviors. For example, a woman who owns a restaurant says she cares about world hunger. She takes canned and boxed goods over to the food pantry every week. But when she rented a house while on vacation, the rental agency suggested that if she had food left over after her week-long stay she could donate it by packing it up and bringing to a shelter. The address was provided as well as directions. Since she wanted to get the most out of her vacation, she felt it would take too much time to pack all the leftovers up. She threw the food out. She thinks she’s about giving back. She talks about giving back. But her behavior is about something else.

I also knew a woman who had amazing credentials. She was a quintessential leader. She ran successful projects. She makes tons of money. And one day, after a meeting I heard someone say, “Which one was Sally?” Two women turned around and said, “She was the one who kept pushing the hair out of her eye.” She had huge ideas. She said amazing things during the meeting. But it was a behavior that was remembered.

You have the power to create your own perception so be sure that what you DO matches what you think and say.

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