What Does a Leader Do?


What Does a Leader Do?

Duh! A leader LEADS. If you own your own business, or you’re running a department, why are you writing checks, doing deliveries, making sales calls, processing files, handling the finances, or sending reminders to customers who are late paying you?

If you own your own business, even if you’re a one-person show, YOU are the CEO, the President and the head of the Board of Directors. With all that going how do you even have time to do everything else?

When you do the plan for growth, be sure to include the ways you’re going to give up hands-on production and ultimately be doing nothing more than LEADING. It’s true that we can wear many hats. That we multitask. That we take care of it all and we’re proud of it. But I assure you that if you keep doing that, it’ll either get old and you won’t love it anymore. OR you’ll start to dread it all.

Change is growth. And if you want your role or your business to GROW, then you need to change. One of the best changes you can make if you’re in charge, is to plan to be IN CHARGE, and not one of the team, down in the trenches, doing the production or deliveries or even worse, making a run for coffee.

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