The Negative Caveats in Advance


The Negative Caveats in Advance

We all introduce ourselves around the room in many networking situations. When that part of the meeting is announced, I often hear groans and the litany of negative caveats. “I hate doing this.” “I don’t speak well in front of a room.” “I never get it right.”

People say these things even before they get started. Why. To lower our expectations? To apologize for their content? We introduce ourselves to have people get the first impression. Or to hear the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. You know what I mean.

Do you think that somebody will look at you strangely? Are you afraid you might use the wrong words? Right away you make it mean something bad: “They won’t like the way I said it. They probably don’t think I’m all that great, they’re probably right; I ‘m probably not.”

Forget about it. Half the room isn’t listening because they’re preparing what they gonna say. And you are torturing yourself needlessly. You are zapping all your own positive energy when you second guess yourself and start out negative. Usually you are wrong about that negative perception anyway.

So start out thinking, “I’m gonna knock it out of the park.” And you will.. Guaranteed.

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