The Good News


The Good News

We hear about missing planes, takeovers in the Ukraine, earthquakes, dissension, crises, murder trails, and droughts. But there’s always Good News.

We read about wonderful volunteers who hand out food at food pantries. People show up to help clear out the mess left after Hurricane Sandy. People donate to causes they believe in. Races are being run in honor of, or in support of, or in memory of some cause or person they care about. And in addition, people are doing what needs to get done and what they’re asked to do.

A perfect example is Habitat for Humanity where perfect strangers get together for the first time and BUILD A HOUSE!! Instant teams.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our professional teams cooperated and listened and just did what was needed all the time? What drives people to volunteer and show up BIG is their engagement. The key to a great work team is finding ways to ensure they’re engaged. So here’s the good news. There are so many ways to be engaged in your work life. Three tips for staying engaged are:

  1. Recognized and appreciate your own accomplishments
  2. Listen to your colleagues, customers, and clients – they will tell you what they see
  3. Identify what you’re good at and enjoy it while you’re in the midst of it

The way you feel is infectious: if you remain engaged, the people around you will join you. That’s the good news.

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