Some Stuff Just Happens


Some Stuff Just Happens

Even if we’re great planners, there are things that sneak up on us and distract our focus. We feel like they’re out of our control. Gas prices go up and down, so we have difficulty budgeting. We lose a client or a customer. Our health insurance policy is canceled. We have to react and adapt to the things we cannot control. We feel like we cannot do anything about it.

Instead, we could simply stay focused on the things that we expected. The things that are going well. The things that are in full control. In fact, most of things that cross our paths in any given day are in full control. We each have stuff in our businesses and our lives that are like the Staples Easy Button. They work. So let’s focus on that stuff. Let’s be proud that we set all those things up to work most of the time. And at the end of the day, the unexpected is easier to deal with if we realize that most of our day works just fine.

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