Let It Go


Let It Go

Your best customer just ended their long-term relationship. A terrific employee just left to go back to school. Your favorite lip color was discontinued. For a little while maybe you feel like you’re not you. That enough changed that you can’t feel the same. You feel diminished. You spend a lot of time thinking about why, how, what? You think about how it might never be as good.

Guess what? Remember that one thing has stayed constant. You’re still YOU. Maybe the things around you changed, but you’re wasting precious moments having all those diminished thoughts. Wake up tomorrow and let it all go. Remember that everything you were before the change didn’t change who you are. Muster yourself and look forward to the next big thing. The next customer. The next great employee. An even nicer lip gloss. Take all of who you still are, you’re ideas, your experience, your creativity, your talents, your skills, your knowledge and your abilities and go out into the world and show up big. Grab that next gig.

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