Just Decide Already


Just Decide Already

Did you ever hear the phase – Progress is better than perfection?

If you are hung up on a decision, nothing every goes forward. Think about that pile on your desk that never gets done. That pile is a bunch of things we can’t just decide to deal with. Making a decision about throwing it out or dealing with it is crippling if we keep putting it down and noticing it every time we walk past it. It’s not just physically there — it’s mentally zapping our energy with guilt about letting it sit there day after day. It’s because we put off deciding what to with it.

Today I’m going to make a few decisions! That’s it! I’m not going to delay anymore. I’m hitting the pile and making at least 10 decisions on the spot. I’ve spent enough energy on that damn pile. Join me. Take something you’ve been ambivalent about and just decide already.

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