I’m Not Me Anymore


I’m Not Me Anymore

So a long-term client or customer ends their relationship with because they’re selling their business. Or you’ve been let go from a long-term job you love. You feel like you lost a part of your identity. The things you’ve been doing for years are about to change – drastically. You almost don’t know how to act. You title as Director of or VP for is gone. Or a major mount of revenue is drying up.

You feel like less of yourself. Your confidence is shaken. Well what you need to remember is that you are still YOU. ALL of your accomplishments are still yours. You can take all that experience and knowledge forward and use it to your advantage. The next gig will be even better because you learned from your mistakes. You already know how to do this. So assemble your knowledge, skills, and ability and go do it even better. Be proud of what you’ve done and your confidence will show.

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